Congratulations - you have decided to get married. Now the fun begins…

It's a wonderful decision, and your wedding day should be an occasion you will remember for the rest of your life. With a little planning, you can have a day filled with joy, love and laughter. You will also want to remember a wedding ceremony which was yours; that reflected your own values, feelings and beliefs and not someone else's. I have collected a wide variety of material to help couples make their decision and have a vast selection of vow choices, ring exchanges and readings to create a memorable ceremony or you may even be inspired to write your own vows. It's your day, so anything goes (as long as the legalities are adhered to) - poetry, music and readings can be incorporated into your wedding. Whilst helping you to develop a beautiful ceremony, I will also take care of all the paperwork and legal requirements.

My service:

  • I will ensure that the entire service is audible to all present, using a microphone if necessary;
  • Detailed knowledge of poems, readings and other literature that would substantially enhance the service;
  • Any number of consultations phone or email, and as much help needed to prevent any stress in the preparation;
  • A vast array of resources to browse through to design a uniquely tailored wedding;
  • My experience with ceremonies has firmed my policy of meeting you at least once at the place for the ceremony if it is in the region. This avoids mix-ups, allows us to rehearse briefly and be confident! Documents may also be shown to me and the ceremony form finalised.  Others involved may attend;
  • I can provide a table and chairs for the signing and a PA for music which is ipod, mp3 compatible;
  • A personalised copy of your Wedding Ceremony;
  • I am always 30 minutes early for your wedding in order to be fully set up and prepared for the event;
  • I have a vast list of local suppliers and resources available on request;

Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a special celebration of a baby or child.

It is a welcome to the world for your child, in the presence of those who matter most - family and friends.

Naming can be empowering and deeply fulfilling as you bless your child and bestow their name, choose godparents or mentors, honour grandparents, plant a tree, read poetry, sing, feast, and generally celebrate the joy of your child, in your own style.

Certificates can be issued for parents, godparents and grandparents to record the event.
I place a great deal of importance on creating a naming ceremony unique to you - reflecting your values, your personalities, and your dreams for your child.  The ceremony can be as elaborate as you wish, and you can have as much input as you wish into its form and content.

Many people do not believe in a traditional baptism, but do want some form of ceremony that is in response to their needs.

An alternative for those without religious convictions is to use the Naming Service to celebrate the birth of your child. . .leaving the child free when old enough, to choose for themselves, any future religious or non-religious commitments or belief.

Commitment Ceremonies

These are sensitive and thoughtful ceremonies written to communicate the depth and strength of the commitment you feel. I can help you find the words to capture your desire to proclaim and formalise your connection.

Together, we can create a unique and individual ceremony based on your chosen style, philosophies, personalities and the individuality of your relationship. You deserve a beautiful and meaningful service of your choosing. Not only does a commitment ceremony bestow all the glamour, thrills and excitement of a wedding, it also allows couples to rejoice at their courage and honesty to live their lives for who they really are.

At the completion of the ceremony you will be presented with a beautiful ‘Certificate of Commitment’, which is suitable for framing, to keep as a memento of your special day.

Commitment ceremonies mean many different things to different people.

A commitment ceremony is for couples who have made a commitment to each other and wish to publicly declare their devotion before family and friends without taking the step into a legal marriage, for whatever reason.

A commitment ceremony can look just like a wedding, but with no marriage certificate. A commitment ceremony can be the most alternative event imaginable: a ritual to bless your relationship, or a big party to celebrate your love.

Renewal of Vows

A special wedding anniversary has arrived! What better way to celebrate than a vow renewal ceremony to affirm your love and devotion? I am able to write a service to capture what has been uniquely yours and express what you desire and dream of for the years ahead.

More and more married couples are choosing to renew their marriage vows. For some, it’s a unique opportunity to celebrate a special anniversary. For others, it helps to confirm their commitment to each other. For many it is simply a personal statement of their love for each other.

Perhaps you have been married overseas and wish to conduct a ceremony in Australia?

Renewing your marriage vows can be just as appropriate for couples at any stage of their marriage.

Whilst this ceremony has no legal effect, it is a public statement by a couple of their continuing affection, love and commitment to each other. As you go through the various choices and make your ceremony selections, you will be creating a unique event that you both will treasure and your guests will remember.

The special people in your lives can take part in your ceremony: your children, guests who were at your wedding and particular friends and relatives. You may also choose to ask two people to witness the signing of a certificate at the event.